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Protect Your Car While Saving Money And The Environment!

What Makes Our Service Better and Smarter?

Sustainability: we are committed to create a cleaner and safer environment, making the world a better place and protecting the natural eco-system by reducing your vehicle emissions, so you can become more Eco-friendly
Time Saving: we provide MOBILE tinting services at any convenient location of your choice, so you can save valuable time
Cost conscious: we offer competitive prices with no hidden cost to help you to improve the energy efficiency of your vehicle that in turn saves you money
ARTints After-Sales Care: we provide a free annual quality review of our work to protect your investment and provides you with the peace of mind that get high-quality service even after installation

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help vehicle owners become more environmentally friendly by providing their car windows tinting.

The vision we're working towards is to protect our environment by developing and delivering high quality, eco-friendly car window film installations.

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ARTints is an independent family-run business committed to quality service as well as striving to protect and sustain our environment.

We offer a professional mobile car window tinting services in Hampshire, with no hidden cost to the service at your location. Being kind to the environment is our core value at ARTints. We are proud to be pioneers in promoting eco-friendly business practices in window tinting, striving to protect and sustain our environment at every stage of our service lifecycles, from development to customer use and disposal.

How Is Eco-friendly Living Promoted With Car Window Tinting?

The most significant outcome of window tinting is that it reduces the amount of heat in your car by up to 60% percent.

Why reducing heat so important?

When you turn on your air conditioner, it causes your engine to burn more fuel as the air conditioner also needs energy to run. If you are able to reduce your vehicle's interior temperature, you are going to improve the fuel economy of your car, therefore reducing its negative impact on the environment.

One way of reducing this temperature is to create a barrier for sunlight by installing window tint films. It will reduce the impact on your air conditioner which in turn will make your engine operate in better capacity to save fuel.

Furthermore, window tint also helps in winter time. When it is cold outside, the tinted windows will help to keep the cold out and the warmth in, so you need to use your vehicle heating system less.

As a result, your car window tint will improve your car's energy efficiency, so you will save money and help to protect the environment for future generations. Let us help you to reduce your carbon footprint!

Further Benefits of Window Tinting

Protects you from 99% of harmful UV rays that contribute to skin cancer and premature skin aging
Increases your privacy, as it allows you to see out but prevents others from looking in
Enhances passenger comfort
Protects your furnishing and upholstery from becoming sun bleached
Reduces up to 95% of unwanted glare within the car's interior in strong sunlight
In case of an accident it holds the shattered window in place by reducing the risk of injury
Improves your security against vandalism
Enhances your vehicle's appearance by giving it a new style

Our Services

We provide high quality services with a lifetime guarantee and long-term customer care – quality is guaranteed as long as you own the vehicle. Our free annual quality review gives customers the peace of mind about the quality of their window film installations. If our qualified technician detects any installation related damage on your car window film during this review, we will rectify the fault with the best solution according to your needs.
We have several year of experience and technical knowledge in vehicle window tinting and we are only happy if our customers are happy. We take pride in our work and strive for customer satisfaction. As a result, most of our business comes from repeated custom and referrals. We offer our services at competitive prices while using only the best quality responsibility sourced film on the market.
Take advantage of our flexible appointments as we are available 7 days a week from 8am - 5pm. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote on email or call on 0757443 2255.

What our
customers say

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  • Really impressed with my tints. I had my windows tinted on my Audi A8 Saloon, and they look brilliant. I would recommend it to anyone 100%.
  • Just had the rear windows tinted on my Citroen Xsara Picasso. Very pleased with the professional job carried out by Artints. I would absolutely recommend.
  • Artints was recommended to me by a friend and I will certainly be doing the same. From when I called them to ask for a quote and further questions to the work being done they have been first class....Cheers guys.
  • Very friendly and professional service with rear windows tinted. The work was completed to a very high standard at a reasonable price. I love the brand new look of my Volkswagen Polo.... thanks guys

How Does Mobile Car Window Tint Installation Work?

When you contact us, we will explain all your car window tinting options, then we can arrange a suitable time, date and location of your choice where your vehicle window tinting installation will take place. All we need is a suitable place to pop up our Tint-Tent (3X3m): this could be either a parking space, a drive way or even a low traffic road-side location. If you are unsure whether your location would be appropriate, we can recommend an alternative place to carry out your car window film installation.
On the day of installation, our qualified Technician will go through all your vehicle tinting options and complete your car window film installation. During the preparation process, your vehicle glass will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt or residue. A service tent is used to keep away dust and dirt, so we can ensure high quality installation to all windows.
ARTints will NOT DISASSEMBLE your car. We use only the highest quality tools and latest technologies and the procedure will not require your car to be disassembled in any way for the film installation.
The window tinting session takes approximately 2 hours from start to finish, although it may vary for each car. At this time, you can just relax in the comfort of your home or any other location of your choice while your car is transformed by our experienced technicians.

Before & After

Long-term Customer Care

ARTints offers a free annual quality review to maintain consistently high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will contact you once a year to detect any installation or product quality related defect or damages on your vehicle window film installed by us, that we will correct free of charge. However, if our technician would find any scratch or other damage on your film that is not related to the above reasons, we will find the solution that best fits your needs.

Money Back Guarantee

ARTints have perfected its installation technique where only the very best films are used. We provide a lifetime product and installation warranty with every fitting. This covers all films installed and any material related defects (fading, peeling, cracking, delamination, discolouration etc). If you notice any issues, our technician will provide a replacement free of charge. The warranty is valid for as long as you keep your vehicle.

Our quality assurance promise is guaranteed by our well-trained and experienced technicians and our suppliers’ product warranties. ARTints offers a money back guarantee  should you be unhappy with the quality of your purchase. The warranty and the money back guarantee do not cover damage caused by improper film care, cleaning, abuse, or glass breakage.

Choose Your Shade

Different darkness options are available to suit your requirements.
Whatever is the type of tint film you use for your car, the effect of creating a barrier for sunlight is the same.

Pricing Table

The shade of your chosen film does not affect the prices below. Our prices are inclusive of VAT.

5 Door Hatch

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3 Door Hatch

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2 Door Coupe

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4 Door Saloon

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Your vehicle type is not listed? Please call 0757 443 2255 or send us an email.


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Frequently ask questions about window tinting

Can I use my windows straight away after installation?

You can drive your car straight after installation, however we recommend that you leave your vehicle windows closed for 72 hours. This allows the film to dry completely. Please note that some moisture may remain between the film and the glass after installation and wet, misty or hazy appearance could occur. This is completely normal and should disappear within 3-5 days after installation, when the material settled.

Is it legal to tint all windows?

The UK regulation allows tinting the rear side windows or the rear windscreen as dark as you like. However, there are restrictions for tinting the front side windows and the front windscreen. The law says that the front side windows must let at least 70% of light through while the front windscreens should be no darker than 75% for vehicles first used on or after the 1st of April 1985.

I've scratched my window film, can you provide a free replacement under your guarantee?

Regrettably, our guarantee policy doesn't cover damages caused by scratches resulted by accidental damage, tear and wear. However, we would be happy to provide you a free consultation to find the solution that best fits your needs. Please contact us.

Is it against the law to have Sun Strip on my car?

You can legally have a ‘Sun Strip’ installed on the front windshield in any tint degree, as long as it does not protrude more than 10mm into the sweep area of your windscreen wipers directly above the centre of your steering wheel, or 40mm into the sweep area elsewhere across the sun strip.

Do you offer a guarantee with your work?

Yes, we provide a lifetime product and installation warranty with every fitting. The warranty is valid as long as the owner keeps their vehicle. Read more about our money back guarantee.

Are you going to remove my car doors or any inner door panels?

No, we don't remove any door cards or panels during the installation. Our qualified Technician can install the film fully without removing any panels.

Does window film scratch easily?

No, it does not. Window film is designed to be used on a daily basis and is constructed with scratch resistance protection layers. Window film can resist scratching resulting from dust and dirt build up, however it can scratch from seat belts, keys or sharp objects.

Do my vehicle and its windows have to be clean before installing?

No, not really. However, having to remove the adhesive residue from the previous installation, it incurs additional costs. Furthermore, we ask dog owners to ensure that their pets' hair is removed thoroughly from their car before installation. It helps to avoid the need of having to repeat the tinting multiple times to achieve the desired quality.

Will window film affect my heated windscreen?

No, it will work the same as before. The film installation doesn't affect heated windscreens.

Is the window film installed on the inside or the outside of the car window?

Window film is always installed on the inside of the car window.

I’m afraid I don’t have suitable place to tint my car. Can you recommend a place?

Absolutely, please contact us to discuss the desired area and we will be happy to recommend and alternative location nearby.


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